So I have this game on my phone.  I don’t have a ton of games, just a couple.  Puzzle games mostly.  I’m a fan of checking out, but I still like to keep my mind engaged to some extent, rather than mindlessly throwing birds at a building, or whatever might be popular now.


In this game you  try to connect the same colored dots while using every square on the board.  Sometimes they’re easy. (Maybe you’ve already figured this one out.) Sometimes I can stare at one for what seems like an eternity and not figure it out.  Here’s what I’ve learned to do when that happens.

I turn the phone.

I’ll turn it sideways, or maybe upside down.  When I do that, I see the board a little differently, and I can figure out how to solve the puzzle.

This is nothing new.  We all know this, right?  We know that sometimes we need to shift our perspective, to look at a situation a little differently in order to move forward.

But sometimes we need a reminder of the things we already know.

I do.


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