This weekend is my 25th college reunion.  Due to other obligations, I will not be going.

College seems like yesterday and it seems like a lifetime ago. Along those lines, I have mixed emotions about those four years.

It certainly would be interesting to go back.  When speaking with a classmate recently, she said it will be great to get together with those who “knew us when.”  That statement scares me a little. I’m not sure I want to be around people who knew me when.  I’m not sure I want to be reminded of who I was then.

At the same time. I made some of the closest friends I could ever have. Several years ago my father died.  After finding out the arrangements, one of my friends sent me the following text: See you tomorrow. The next day, there were Kevin and Eddie.  A flight, a rental car, all to say sorry and head home again.

I can’t begin to fathom the influence those I knew 25 years ago have had on me.  So, when it comes down to what I really learned in college, it would be these two things:

  1. Surround yourself with good people.  They have more of an influence than you know at the time.
  2. Do your best to be a good person.  You don’t know who you are influencing.


One thought on “Go DEACS!

  1. Good advice…and I’ll try to think about it as I work with a committee planning our 50th college reunion next May. Go COUGARS…that would be the Clark University Cougars (D-III) in Worcester, Massachusetts!

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