I did not like to read growing up. I mean at all. Like really, at all. If I could get out of reading a menu, I would. Did you know you could take a sabbatical in 6th grade? I didn't know that at the time, but I took one. About a week in to the … Continue reading Books

Holy Week

In the Christian tradition this week is kind of a big deal. Last Sunday we celebrated with palms the story of Jesus entering into Jerusalem to confront religious and political powers. This week he will be betrayed by a friend, denied by another, turned over to the authorities, tortured, and killed on a cross. Sunday … Continue reading Holy Week


Last week I wrote this, talking about how I was worried people in college would notice me in my brand new loafers. I've been thinking about that notion a lot this week. When I was a child we did not have a vaccine for Chicken Pox. (This is not a post about vaccines; it's a … Continue reading Noticed


This is a picture of my dad. *** For the last several years during Lent, our family has had a practice that is in addition to any other Lenten discipline we might choose. Each day there is a bag on the kitchen table and each member of the family has to place something in the … Continue reading Shoes


I decided I would give up meat.* Some people give up chocolate or wine. I don't drink much wine and chocolate doesn't have much of a hold on me. So I thought I would give up meat. I was doing great, too. Just a Diet Coke and granola bar for breakfast. Another Diet Coke and … Continue reading Food


Today we close out our series on energy, intelligence, imagination, and love. Why these four traits? Read THIS. I have a devotion series on my phone I listen to each morning. A few weeks ago, it covered the story of the Wisemen visiting Jesus and asked the question, "If you could hold the baby Jesus, what … Continue reading Love