When I was younger, I couldn’t hold my tongue.  If I got in trouble, it was usually because I said something I shouldn’t have. I remember clearly the night in our kitchen in PA, when my dad said, “Are you trying to make a fool out of me?”  I said, “Nature beat me to it.” That didn’t go over so well.

I’ve learned.  I’ve learned to the point where I have honed my listening skills, and I don’t say much at all except when it is clearly my turn.  (I fully acknowledge that in my role, it’s my turn a lot.)

I’ve felt obligated to comment on the current political climate.  Yet, when I have tried, I have found myself reverting to the 17 year-old version of myself, the version who has plenty of funny things to say, none of them constructive.

So tonight, I offer this.  Read it. He says what I think, but cannot say.

What would you say?


One thought on “Passing the buck?

  1. As a cultural historian and teacher for 42 years, I look back to 80 years ago when an emerging leader promised to restore pride to his country, to make their country great in the world again, to give jobs to the unemployed, to strengthen the finances of the country, to make people feel safe and to rid the country of a religious group that threatened national security.

    I also know that our fathers and grandfathers risked their lives, fought and died to prevent this dictator from destroying Europe.

    So why are people supporting Trump when he speaks the same language as Hitler!?? (Posted on my Facebook page March 5,)

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