A couple weeks ago a video showed up on my Facebook feed.  It was made by a pastor who was “telling it like it is.”  Its introduction went something like this: In this age of political correctness, are you hungry for a video that covers what everyone’s thinking but is too afraid to say?  Then this video is for you.

The things he went on to talk about were things that frankly I haven’t heard anyone be too afraid to talk about. Muslim extremism, immigration, gays, prayer in schools, etc.

But honestly, he lost me at the introduction: In this age of political correctness.

We talk about political correctness like it’s a bad thing.  Sure, I talked to someone recently who told me when he was in college there was a movement to call people “hupers,” a combination of “human” and “person”, while removing the masculine parts of those words.  Not sure I see the need, but at the same time, if “hupers” was the established term, we wouldn’t think twice about it.

What I see at the heart of political correctness is another word, courtesy.

I don’t get to decide what someone else should or should not be offended by.  I don’t get to call an Asian person a name that they may have been called 100 years ago, watch their horrified reaction, and then say, “Lighten up.” Treat people with the dignity they deserve.

It’s courtesy.

Don’t be a jerk.  It’s not that hard.  And if, out of ignorance, you do happen to say something wrong; if the word that was acceptable 20 years ago is no longer acceptable, then you say two more words: I’m sorry.

It’s courtesy.

Don’t be a jerk.  It’s not that hard.


3 thoughts on “Don’t be a jerk.

  1. Sometimes things are just that simple. Don’t be a jerk. Say you’re sorry. Right on man! Is that still cool to say?

  2. I can only agree with the two previous comments. We are so quick to “tell it like it is” without regard to the effect it may have on someone else………..or even on oneself for that matter. Kindness and courtesy seem to be more and more a thing of the past. Sad, really…..

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