Provocative title, right? I was told they should be eye-catching.

So, here’s why I say that.  Tomorrow is January 1, and a bunch of people will make resolutions to live differently in some way. (They’re not the liars.)  Others will claim that they don’t make resolutions. (They’re the liars.)  Some of this second group will claim that they resolve not to make any resolutions.  Guess, what?  Planning not to do anything differently is still making a plan, aka resolution.

But beyond that, I think most everyone looks at a new year as a chance to press the reset button in some way.  Some might be dramatic shifts.  Others will be imperceptible, except by the one making the plan.

Now I’m no self-help guru, but I would like to share just two things I’ve found helpful as I’ve tried NOT to be the same guy I was when I was 22.

1. Tell someone.  I don’t think you need to make every resolution “facebook official”. As a matter of fact, I recommend you don’t.  However, if you only keep your resolution to yourself, it’s a secret, and therefore, not very real.  Telling someone makes it real.  Tell someone who can hold you accountable and let you know when you’re veering off course. If what you are trying to accomplish is too personal to share with anyone, then write it down and keep it somewhere as a reminder. You need to get it outside yourself to make it tangible and hold yourself accountable.

2. If you’re trying to give something up (smoking, drinking, junk food, etc), then decide what you’re going to replace it with. You’re going to replace it with something; you need to decide what that “something” will be.  If you want to replace ice cream with apples, then you need to make sure you have apples in the house.  Replacing ice cream with cookies, or Vodka with wine, doesn’t really get you to your goal.

I pray that you get everything you need in the coming year. I hope that 2015 brings you the things you have been hoping for, and that you find it full of opportunities.


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