I have done a bunch of weddings.  Usually, when I meet with a couple for the first time and ask them how they are, I receive some variation of the following response.  “Things are going well.  We have the flowers picked out, and are meeting with photographer next week.”  It takes us a while to move from talking about the wedding to talking about what being married will be like. We put a lot of focus on one day.

It’s easy to do the same thing with Christmas.  We can spend a lot of time getting ready for Christmas Day, but then something happens.  We wake up in the morning on December 26th, and nothing has changed.  We still have the same lines on our face, the same bills to pay, the same obligations.

Expecting the whole world to change, just because we have been to church, sung some familiar songs, and eaten a big dinner is a lot to pin on one 24-hour period.

I think it’s important to take the focus off the day.

Instead, we need to focus on what we can control.  Us.  How will we be different on the 26th?  How will we allow the birth of our Savior to change us this year?  We can’t make everyone else change, but how will we be changed?

I hope you get everything you need this Christmas.  And I hope that we all might approach this miraculous birth with such a sense of wonder and humility that we will approach our own worlds differently because of it.


  1. Thank you Patrick. You nailed it. My goal is to try every day and be happy with any growth and change that occurres. Life is a long journey . Bless you and your family this day and ever day.

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