I have struggled to write the last couple weeks. I’ve had ideas, but as I’ve sat down to write all the ideas seemed repetitive. You know the whole thing about draft horses, and how they pull more together than the sum of what each one does individually? Yeah, I was going to write about that.

And then there was this paragraph… There is a clip in the 1980 film Rude Boy (a drama/documentary about The CLASH) of the lead singer Joe Strummer recording a vocal track in the studio. He has headphones on, so you can’t hear the instruments, just the vocals. If you don’t know the band, you might think that sounds cool. If you know the band, you know that hearing Joe Strummer singing a capella is about as appealing as gas station sushi. It’s not Joe Strummer’s voice that made the CLASH amazing. It was Joe Strummer’s voice, with Mick Jones’ guitar and Paul Simonon’s bass and attitude and Topper Headon’s drums that made the CLASH amazing.

That’s when it occurred to me. Most everything I write is going to be about one of four things: 1) Body (your physical health), 2) Mind (your intellectual health), 3) Spirit (your emotional and spiritual health), and 4) Soul (your relational health). That’s what I know.

Draft horses and the CLASH? #4. You are better as part of a community than you are on your own.

You want an analysis of economic sanctions on Russia? Not here. Thoughts on whether the Braves can repeat? Not here. Thoughts on how to improve your life in four different measurable areas? Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about here.

See you next week.


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