I wrote last week about turning 50, about being grateful for what’s behind me and looking forward to what’s in front of me.  There is a lot I am looking forward to, but today, I am thinking of one date in particular.

June 6, 2023.

I can’t wait for June 6, 2023.

What’s so special about June 6, 2023? A birthday? Anniversary?

June 6th seems like a great day to be born.  Tennis legend Bjorn Borg was born on June 6th.  So were actor Paul Giamatti and Dutch speed skater Thijsje Oenema. But it’s not a birthday that makes this date important for me.

Maybe it was a great day to get married.  John Denver married Annie Martell on June 6, 1967.  Terry Bradshaw married JoJo Starbuck on June 6, 1976. And Montel Williams married Grace Morley on June 6, 1992. But it’s not an anniversary that makes this date important to me.

June 6, 2023, is the date on which I will have known my wife Katie for over half my life.

Life wasn’t bad before I met her, but my how much better it has become since I did.  She has seen the best of me, and she has seen me at my worst. But she still sees me for who I can be.

Katie is my best friend on the planet.

I have loved her more every day since I first saw those blue eyes on October 17, 1996.

Today is her birthday.

Happy birthday, Katie.

I love you.

One thought on “Looking Ahead

  1. Boy oh boy oh boy – you sure hit a grand slam home run with this one!! Several of your buddies here are still trying to figure out how you ever convinced her to be with you, but it is very clear to all of us that she sure makes your life complete.

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