As I mentioned last week, I joined an on-line exercise group for the first 90 days of 2018.  The posts in the group are interesting.  Some of them are very specific:

  • I missed my workout yesterday.  Should I double up today, or just do today’s workout?
  • I think my nutrition has been off a little, and I need to increase my intake of lean proteins by about 150 calories.

Others are more general:

  • I had to work a double shift yesterday and missed the workout.  Time get after it today.
  • I went to a party and had a Martini and a piece of cake, but hey, I got up and got it done this morning.

What strikes me about this is that some people are very focused on Day 90.  They want to see the progress they have made, and document the improvements from Day 1 to Day 90.  Others are looking at more of a gradual arc, using this group and 90 days to jumpstart a lifestyle change.

So which is better? Which is worse? I believe we need both.

To really move the needle in your life, you need both short-term goals and long-term goals.  You can do a couch to 5K program and go right back to the couch.  You can also decide you are going to run a marathon “someday” and watch as that day never comes.

And of course, this is not just about fitness. Do you want to travel more?  Great long-term goal.  Plan a trip.

Saying you want to be a better parent/spouse/friend is great, but what does that really look like?  You need to include such things as:

  • I will leave work by 6:00 everyday so I can be home before the kids go to bed.
  • I will commit to going to dinner with just my spouse twice a month.
  • I will call my friend once a week and make in-person plans once a month.

Short-term goals alone mean you’re doing a lot, but not heading anywhere.  Long-term goals alone mean you’ve set a course, but really aren’t moving toward it.

What about you? Where are you headed?  What are your goals?

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