So I was not very happy with the outcome of the Super Bowl.  Tuesday, I saw this photo on Facebook, and being a lifelong Stillers fan, I thought, “Hell, Yeah!”

I was feeling pretty good about myself, until the following comment came in:
“1975- He was 9 of 14 for 96 yards. They rushed for 256 yards. Tarkenton threw 3 interceptions for the Vikings.
1976- He improved to 9/19 with 2 touchdowns. Staubach 3 interceptions.
1979- 17 of 30 with 4 tds. This is a game he won.
1980- 14 of 21 with 3 interceptions for Terry but an all time playoff high of 3-9 yards.
In a 13 year career he was an Pro Bowl Selection 3 times. Career TDs 212 and INTs 210.
I would think Steeler fans would remember that the defense led this team and during those glory years. “

Damn you, Craig!

I responded the way any self-respecting fan would:
“I really don’t need you bringing in facts when I’m trying to reflect on the good old days. Now get off my lawn, and if that ball comes over my fence one more time…”


That happens a lot.  We pick and choose how we want to remember the past, the “good old days.” We forget that the good old days weren’t that good for everyone.

Being in the Church, I sometimes hear this. “Remember when we were a Christian country?” For some that hearkens back to a time of picnics and baseball.  For others, it looked like this.


Some will tell me that we just need to get back to the faith of our founding fathers, forgetting that the founding fathers thought a little differently than we might like to remember.  Thomas Jefferson loved the teachings of Jesus, but that was about as far as it went.  He even created his own Bible, removing the miracles, the resurrection, most anything that would point to the divinity of Christ.

The past is the past. We all have our blind spots and choose to remember what suits our narrative.  I’m not trying to downplay what others have been through, and I certainly understand about being doomed to repeat the past.

However, the present and the future are the only things we can control.

Be kind.  Bust your ass, not only to make your future memories better, but the memories for those around you as well.

Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, etc.  All still human.  A better future is possible if we recognize that.  All still human.



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