I hurt myself working out in the middle of August.  Tweaked my back.  It would not have been so bad, except it happened on the morning of a day when I had to be in the car for 2 hours to sit in a conference for 6 hours, only to drive back for 2 hours to sit in another meeting for 3 hours.

Following that, I couldn’t work out. I spent days trying to stretch, a light jog here, some yoga there. But I couldn’t really work out.

I was miserable. Not just back pain miserable. Because of the pain, I couldn’t sleep. Then, because I couldn’t sleep I was grumpy in the morning.  Then, because I was grumpy in the morning, I wouldn’t pack a lunch.  Then, because I didn’t pack a lunch, I would head to a fast food restaurant and fill up on junk. Then, because I knew I had just poisoned myself, I would want to work out, but because I couldn’t I would get grumpier.

Over the last month, I’ve been able to get back into it.  Life is better.

Here’s the thing.  You can only compartmentalize your life for so long.  You can only feel physically bad for so long before it wears on you mentally and spiritually.

If your trainer isn’t asking you what you eat, then he’s not doing his job.  If your doctor is not asking you about stress at work, then she’s not doing her job.  If your pastor is not asking you if you exercise, then you get the picture.

It’s not about being an expert in all fields.  It’s about recognizing that all these pieces, the physical, the mental, the spiritual, they all work together to form the whole picture of you. How well are you taking care of each piece?

3 thoughts on “The Whole Picture

  1. Yeah, I’ve been telling folks around town I fractured my Fibula skydiving in Belize. This is far from the truth, but I felt it was decent sounding, so what the hay. Of course now that it’s better and I’ve no longer got my sticks I wonder what the next step is. Certainly, this sort of injury affects millions all around the World. I’m glad it wasn’t a lot worse. I’m glad I sleep through the night unlike other painful experiences in this Life… Had I my Druthers, I’d certainly not ride the “L” to work, and “work” would consist of hiking and what not… But man it’s great to have this sea of people who have offered more hands than I knew were in Chicago.

  2. There really was no reason for “it”. I was healthy, I ate wisely, I exercised often and competitively, I had no history in my family…then wham a breast cancer diagnosis and a melanoma diagnosis all within 3 months. I battled, recovered and am five years good. What w
    as out of balance was stress….the big killer. This episode in my life helped me to rebalance work and play and to dig deeper and relax more fully into my spiritual being. Patrick, you are on to something that God calls us to do. Treat the world he has created with respect and tenderness. That starts with the whole “us” that mind, body and soul. I love that you are on this journey.

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