Lots of lists coming out this time of year.  Best movies, books, etc.  I’m adding mine.

I dedicate them to my wife, as she is the inspiration for these lists. I’ve learned a lot from her over the last 18 years.  One of the most important gifts she has given me is her spirit.  She remains amazingly positive and hopeful.  So in that spirit of positivity, I offer a list of the people I would like to hug.

However, I recognize I’m not perfect, so I also offer a list of the people I would like to punch.  But let’s start with the good stuff first.

People I would like to hug:

  1. God for making horses.  They make my daughter awfully happy.
  2. Whoever invented ice hockey. Hockey makes my sons awfully happy.
  3. John Prine.  If you’ve ever heard, “That’s the Way the World Goes ‘Round,” you understand.
  4. The person who invented barbecue.  Tomato based.  Mustard based.  I don’t care.  It’s all wonderful.  I used to get a barbecue sandwich every day at my high school.  High school cafeteria barbecue! Awesome!
  5. The person who invented beer.  Micro.  Macro.  Again, I don’t care. Can, bottle, draft, growler.  Still not caring.
  6. The person who realized that barbecue and beer go great together.
  7. John Hughes for writing The Breakfast Club.
  8. Tim Duncan.
  9. The artist formerly known as “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” for writing “Purple Rain.”
  10. Owen Meany.


People I would like to punch:

  1. The person who invented glitter.


Lots more hugs than punches, people.  Let’s keep it that way.  Evil cannot win.  Violence will not win.  Oppression, fear, despair, they will not win.

Love wins.

Merry Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Lists

  1. Add to my list of people that I would like to give hugs …
    A friend who has taught us the courage to go places that we would not have gone by ourselves. Although I know that he does not like to be hugged!
    Merry Christmas Patrick!

  2. Great list. Esp. Owen Meany. Will we recognize Jesus when he comes back?

    On my list I want to hug the cardiologists that fixed my Dad. (His words.) He had chest pains Monday evening, got a stent yesterday morning, and is on his way home today. We do our family thing on Christmas eve. It’ll have a whole new slant this year.

    I know it’s hard to figure based on our attendance, but I am so glad for Northminster that you are there. And I like the way you preach. Maybe you need to be on our hug list, too.

    Merry Christmas. cth

    p.s. all barbecue is good. But Eastern Carolina is the best.


  3. Patrick,
    Thanks for your continuing wisdom and wise cracks. You always cause us to think differently and pause a moment as you catch us all!
    We wish you, Katie, Cora, Quinn, and Galvin a very blessed and healthy New Year.
    Blessings, JJ

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