I love feel good sports movies, the kind that leave you feeling like you can do anything, and that the world is a good place.  You may think of classic movies like Chariots of Fire, Hoosiersor Miracle and wonder why I feel the need to confess.

I’m confessing because it’s not just the classics.  I’m also a sucker for the not-so-classics like Here Comes the Boom and even this gem from 1979 starring that dreamy Lorenzo Lamas.

So, why is it?  Why waste 105 minutes watching the King of Queens trying save Fonzie’s job? I’m a sucker, but not just for movies.  I’m a sucker for hope.

I want to know that things can be better.  I want to believe that people can succeed and effect change.  I want to cling to the idea that people are capable of doing things they -and others- don’t think they can. And if I don’t see it in the real world, then I’ll take it from a movie.

Last weekend, I took my younger son and a friend herea crazy high ropes course filled with zip lines, climbing nets, and obstacles.  They had a great time.  My kids aren’t awesome at everything (Sorry, 21st century parenting.), but this kind of place is their sweet spot.  It’s not everybody’s.

As I was walking around (on the ground), I saw one little guy trying to make it across an obstacle on Level 1.  His dad had already crossed and was encouraging him from the platform. His son was still looking a little tentative, so I yelled up to him, “Man, you’re doing great!  You got this!” He looked at me, smiled, and made it across to his dad.

Moral of the story?  You don’t need a movie.  Hope isn’t that frickin’ hard.  Spread some.  Encourage someone.  This isn’t a “LOOK AT ME. I’M AWESOME!” post. This is a “SERIOUSLY, JUST BE NICE TO SOMEONE” post.  You won’t regret it.  Not like I regret having this poster on my wall, at least.

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