I started this site after an event that took place here in Atlanta in January, 2014.

It snowed. It snowed a lot.  Okay, a little.  But, it froze.  You may have heard about it.  Make fun all you want, but the city was shut down.  People were stranded.  People were cold.  Our church stayed open and provided coffee, food, showers, and shelter to about 70 people over the course of the night.  Neighbors from across the street brought food and blankets.

A group of young people in their 20’s stayed with us for a little while, and one of them said something that I have not been able to get out of my head.  “Wow.  This is cool. I never thought a church would do anything like this.”

Seriously?  That’s how far we’ve fallen.  “I never thought a church would do anything like this.” We in the church have bickered ourselves into irrelevance, so far in fact, that people expect more compassion from the manager at Jiffy Lube than they do from the church.

My goal? Simple.  That people might not think we who are part of a church are jerks. It may not sound that ambitious, but considering the reputation the Christian church in this country has acquired, it seems like a lofty goal to me.

I invite you to read, to comment, to be respectful, as I will do my best to be.

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